Updating Standard Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Rubella Case

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W. Buffolano *
A. Filia
M. Agnese
M. Stronati
P. Dicostanzo
(*) Corresponding Author:
W. Buffolano | wilma@unina.it


Congenital Rubella is the dramatic consequence of rubella during gestation. A combined strategy of Measles and Rubella universal vaccination on children and selective vaccination of susceptible women has been shown effective in the elimination of congenital rubella requiring an incidence of <1 case of CRS per 100,000 live births. Verification processes of rubella elimination require that physicians early and appropriately diagnose all cases of congenital rubella, including those unpatent at birth. The paper highlights clinical and laboratory aspects channeling diagnosis of congenital rubella infection or syndrome even after the first year of life, and the short- and long-term management criteria.

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