Transumbilical laparoscopic treatment of Congenital Infantile Fibrosarcoma of the Ileum

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G. Scirè
A. Mantovani
N. Zampieri *
V.A. Guerriero
D. Segala
S. Pecori
C. Bruno
F.S. Camoglio
(*) Corresponding Author:
N. Zampieri |


Congenital-Infantile Fibrosarcoma (CIF) is a malignant mesenchymal tumor representing 10-20% of soft-tissue tumors. Complete surgical resection is generally the treatment of choice. The most recurrent cytogenetic abnormality was identified as the traslocation t(12;15)(p13:q25), which bears the fusion of Tel gene EVT6 with TrkC gene. This study describes a case of infantile fibrosarcoma of the ileum in a female newborn examined for intestinal occlusion and its laparoscopic treatment.

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